Commitment to protect the planet.

Le Szapo team is very sensitive to the protection of the environment.
More than a fad, we love the planet and want our impact to be as low as possible.

We give meaning to each of our actions and it is naturaly that we implemented a recycling policy.

1. Shipping the online sales:

  • We recycle each box that we receive from our suppliers by offering them free of charge to people who need them.
  • The boxes in which we ship the hats are boxes resulting from the recycling of paper and cardboard.
  • We reuse as well the boxes with which we are delivered by our suppliers.
  • To seal these boxes, we also use adhesive tape made from recycled paper.

2. In our shop:

  • We give a second life to the "plastic" bags in which the suppliers pack the hats: they become our trash bags.
    In fact, it is not plastic, but organic material that decomposes without polluting.
  • Our bulbs are 95% Led and we keep the strict minimum of lights on at night in the shop.
  • Our Christmas trees are real earthen trees that we replant after the holidays.
  • The decoration of the store is made from old furniture, vintage radios and other accessories found or inherited from grandpa.

3. On our heads:

  • The hats we offer are made from sheep wool or rabbit hair.
    The manufacturers assure us that the animals are raised and treated in optimal conditions.

Respect for the environment is everyone's responsibility, every action counts, even the simplest.

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