Our History

Le Szapo Hat Shop in Krakow, Poland

Le Szapo Hat Shop is a mix of French touch and Polish power.

Karolina is Polish, Boris is French.

Boris decides to live in Krakow and follow his heart instead of following a normal career.

With his heart, he brought with him what he has since the age of four on his head:

A hat, its French attitude and taste.

His mother gave him the passion not only to look good, but also to feel good and safe.
In this sense, he always tried in his childhood to wear a hat and disguise himself as a pirate, cowboy or aviator, and not only!

Today the shop is a meeting place where afterworks are organized with cocktail,

magician and dress code ...

Karolina, the visionary, as a successful businesswoman,

considered it a great idea to offer these quality articles to her compatriots and to the lovers of Krakow.

Le Szapo is more than a business. It's a concept store where you can find hats,

caps and caps, enjoy a drink with chilled music and discover some vintage artwork.


They love the contact with customers and really want to preserve this friendly atmosphere.

Finally, as written in the famous Alice in Wonderland -by Lewis Caroll

"The absolute best way to travel is with a hat."


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